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Tax Audit refers to an independent examination of books of accounts and various tax records of a tax registrant by respective authorities in order to ensure proper compliance of tax laws and curb the illicit tax practices in the economy.

When can the authority in Ghana instigate a Tax Audit?

The Federal Decree-Law 36 states that a tax audit can be prompted if authority feels that there is a likely tax revenue at stake or where there are administrative and compliance burdens at stake.

The law also authorizes the authority to re-audit any registrant if they receive any new information which can change the outcome of a previous audit conducted.

The law has endorsed the authority to inspect premises, any assets in the premises, or any other documents as they seem relevant to the course of the audit. The tax auditor will be given permission by the public prosecutor to enter any premise for the purpose of an audit.

Notification on Tax Audit in Ghana

Before starting a Tax Audit, the concerned auditor, as appointed by the authority shall provide a notification of tax assessment containing the information about the audit. Such notification will include the reason for tax assessment, tax summary, the tax to which such assessment relates etc.

The Federal Decree-Law also states that Tax Auditor has the right of entry to the business premises and can temporarily close the business in order to perform the VAT or Tax Audit for a period not exceeding 72 hours without prior notice if

  • GRA has enough grounds to believe that the Person subject to the Tax Audit is participating or involved in Tax Evasion.
  • GRA has enough reasons to believe that not temporarily closing the place where the Tax Audit is conducted will hinder the conduct of the Tax Audit.

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