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Tax Agent Services

A tax agent is an individual registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in Ghana. Such Registered Tax Agent in the Ghana can enter into a contractual agreement to act on behalf of another person in complying tax obligations of his business.

Tax agent in the Ghana helps businesses to represent themselves before tax authority in any tax-related matters. Such registered tax agents in the Ghana can ensure that businesses are complying their tax obligations.

Benefits of Appointing a Tax Agent in the Ghana?

VAT Transaction advisory service is a type of VAT Advisory Service where a VAT expert analyses individual transaction of a business to identify the applicability of VAT. Such services are unique to a business entity. VAT Advisory services hold a special place in all tax regimes especially in Ghana since the implementation of tax is fairly new in the country.

As across the globe, the tax authority issues tax laws which will govern the tax practices in the respective region but such these laws will be generic in nature, Tax laws won’t cover specific scenarios a business might face but provides an insight to the taxability of transactions as a whole. That is where tax consultants come into the picture to provide VAT Transaction Advisory Services.

Our Tax consultants in Ghana are professionals with in-depth knowledge in Ghana tax laws and regulations of a region. Our Tax Consultants played a pivotal role in successfully implementing VAT in Ghana by extending their support to the business communities in understanding the laws and regulations.

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