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Mainland Company Formation

The Registrar General Department (RGD) with institutional support from the Office of the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Ghana Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is the statutory body that regulates and controls the licensing procedures for business setup services in Ghana or Company Formation in Ghana.

It was formed to organize and activate industry as well as internal and external trade in Ghana and prepare studies relating to industrial and commercial activities. New business Setup or Company Formation in Ghana is now a hassle-free process than ever.

The Different Mainland Licensing Authorities in Ghana
  • Registrar General Department (RGD)
  • Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)
  • Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
  • Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT)
  • Other Region: Municipality/ Chamber of Commerce

Different types of Mainland Licenses are issued while setting up a business in Ghana.

1. Trade License

A trade license is issued to a natural or juridical person for start-ups in Ghana to practice any trading activity for the purpose of profit-making through buying and selling of goods. For new business set up these kinds of licenses are issued for engaging wholesale or retail trade enterprises, contractors, hotels, transport and storing establishments etc., A Trading License can be a General Trading or Specific Trading. A specific trading license limits the scope of activities to trade in only closely related items. [E.g. a company cannot trade in building materials if its licensed activity is trading in computer peripherals].

2. Industrial License

An industrial license is issued to a natural or juridical person to start up in Ghana who chooses to practice any investment activity, the object of which is to discover natural resources or transform raw materials in terms of their structure or appearance into manufactured products or to transform the semi-manufactured products into fully manufactured products by using mechanical power and segregate the products, filling, assembling or packing them.

3. Professional License

A professional license is issued to a natural or juridical person to form a new business set up in Ghana and practice any profession in which he depends on his physical or mental efforts rather than depending on cash capital. This license is issued for start-ups in Ghana to practice certain professions such as engineering consultancy, management consultancy, other consultancy services and studies, auditing and accounting, medical and educational services and similar services.

Some of the business activities require approvals from government bodies other than Ghana RGD. A few examples of some of the activities that require approvals from government bodies areas listed below:


Approving Authority

Department / Section

Road transport activities

Road and Transport Authority

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

Oil-related services

National Petroleum Authority

Department of Petroleum Affairs

Legal activities

Ghana Judicial Service

The High Court


Ministry Of Communication

National Communication Authority

Architectural & Engineering activities

Ministry Of Works and Housing

Architect Registration Council

Veterinary activities

Ministry of Food and Agriculture 

Veterinary Services Directorate

Details/Documents required for Mainland Company Formation in Ghana

  • Passport Copy / Ghana ID of the shareholders, managers including the local sponsor.
  • Attested and Legalized Power of Attorney required if shareholders are not available in Ghana.
  • No Objection Certificate from the existing sponsor for the Ghana visa holders.
  • The activity of the company
  • Trade name of the company
  • Initial Approval from license authority.
  • Tenancy contract for the office space
  • Legally translated Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Special approvals if required for specific activities.

If the shareholder is a Foreign company – The documents required

  • Certificate of registration of the company duly legalized and attested by Ghana Immigration and Interpol in the country of origin.
  • Certificate of good standing of the company duly legalized and attested by Ghana Immigration and Interpol in the country of origin.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company (Applicant Company) duly legalized and attested by the Ghana Immigration and Interpol in the country of origin.
  • Bank Reference Letter.
  • Board resolution calling for the establishment of the new company in Ghana, the appointment of Directors, Managers and Legal Representative duly attested by Ghana Immigration and Interpol in the country of origin.

Benefits of starting a business in Ghana

Ghana offers incoming businesses & start-ups in Ghana with all the advantages of a highly developed economy. The infrastructure and services match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service. Among the benefits are:

  • Free enterprise system.
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications.
  • Sophisticated financial and services sector.
  • Top international exhibition and conference venue.
  • High-quality office and residential accommodation.
  • Reliable power, utilities etc.
  • First-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops etc. Cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Business Setup Services – What we do

Setting up a business in Ghana is an excellent way to rightfully gain international profits. PISTIS And Associates provide clients with licensing support to set up their businesses in Ghana, Ghana by providing strategic recommendations, negotiations with local stakeholders, and documentation formalities.

  1. Review all the essential requirements of your business activities to suggest the best license where you can open your Company in Accra, Ghana.
  2. Support you in strategizing your business plan.
  3. Assistance in preparing the application form which has to be submitted to the RGD.
  4. Support you in getting your Trade Name, Initial, and Security Approval.
  5. Attesting the legal documents from the concerned department of the authorities for corporate clients.
  6. Drafting the MOA of the company.
  7. Proper guidance while selecting the warehouse/s or offices.
  8. Support and guidance for E – channel registration and obtaining the establishment card.
  9. Assistance for opening your company bank account/s and personal bank account.
  10. Visa assistance for employees as well as investors.
  11. Selection of suitable employees for your newly formed company.
  12. Proper guidance while appointing an auditor.
  13. VAT Compliance and Advisory support for VAT Registration | VAT Implementation | VAT Return Filing.
  14. Provisions for Accounting & Book-Keeping Services.
  15. Support for Company Liquidation.
  16. To add or remove an existing shareholder or Director.
  17. To change the trade name of the company.
  18. To increase or decrease your company share capital.

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