A limit to loyalty

Depending on who you are, loyalty may mean something different to you and the person beside you. Can this be right?

Technically, loyalty does not have a singular definition, but the interpretation of the word may not have the same meaning twice. I challenge you to look within yourself and reflect on what “loyalty” is, and exactly what it means to you. Write it down, type it out, or stamp it in imaginary ink.

Once you’ve decided what it means to you, it’s your job to communicate that definition to those in your circle. Maybe loyalty isn’t as serious to them. Maybe it’s not even in their top 5 traits of those they choose to associate with.

Unfortunately, just because you take loyalty seriously, it doesn’t mean others do too. Often there’s an expiration date to their loyalty. They are loyal when it’s convenient for them, or a better opportunity comes through their pipeline. Sadly, people are willing to sell you out if it means gaining a foot in their career, personal life or any other type of advancement.

If this is hard for you to comprehend, chances are you are one of the good ones who has never even considered swapping your loyalty for a shot of thirty seconds at fame. When you are a good person, your loyalty lasts longer than those who view you as a disposable asset. You choose to give them the benefit of the doubt because your heart always wants to see the best in their intentions.

I don’t want you to lose faith in every person who comes your way either. There is a small number of people in this world whose loyalty does not have an expiration date. Despite any extravagant opportunity or offer, they would not betray your trust in the world. Hold onto those people who you see as non-disposable and irreplaceable. Remember, human loyalty is delicate and strong at the same time. It can be broken so quickly, but then require a lifetime of dedication to build back.

Be cautious how easily you become loyal to someone because getting hurt repeatedly can break down your spirit significantly. This can then hinder you from reaching your own goals and dreams. There are small things you can do for others that can prove your loyalty. It can be as easy as keeping a secret, having their back in an awkward situation, or keeping your word when you say something is going to get done.

Make loyalty a top priority, and you will learn to settle for nothing less than true honesty and commitment.

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